Temporary hours

Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm


I just wanted to personally thank you for visiting the site. 

I know there is a lot of excellent groomers out there so I wanted to give you an insight into how we operate at Arnie’s and what makes us unique. 

Coming from both home and Salon based grooming, I wanted to have the best of both worlds and create the perfect grooming environment!

At Arnie’s, we have three separate grooming rooms, meaning that your Dog gets the full attention of the Groomer at all times as they have a one-to-one, calm and relaxed grooming experience. Loud noises and too many other Dogs can trigger a Dog’s anxiety and make the groom unpleasant. I never want any Dog to feel stressed when they leave Arnie’s. My mission is to have them wagging their tails when they leave and wagging their tails when they come back! 

In this trying and unprecedented time where sanitation and hygiene is so important, Arnie’s is dedicated to being a clean and safe salon. When I was creating the salon, I had Dental levels of hygiene in my mind and I’m proud to say that we have met those standards.

I want every one of you to feel confident and worry free when you drop your Dogs off at Arnie’s, it’s a place where Dogs Come First and I hope you’ll agree. 

Have a Pawfect Day!

Gurj Drake
CEO & Owner